Clinical Supervision

Supervision is concerned with duty of care to the client. This includes maintaining ethical practice, safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of both client and therapist. Within the supervisory relationship, healthy change and growth is fostered in supervisees, which serves to enhance and deepen their practice. This in turn enhances the quality of the therapeutic engagement with their clients.


As supervisors our orientation is psychodynamic, while also offering an eclectic approach which employs other exploratory ways of working. The supervisee needs to feel safe enough to fully explore their thoughts and feelings in relation to their practice alongside whatever arises in the supervisory relationship. As a fundamental part of this, the supervisor values the model of the safe and facilitating environment, as offering a place in which to explore and reflect upon the unconscious and transference material. This includes clear contracts and boundaries. Within this well held and contained supervisory alliance, the commitment can be made to promoting self awareness, self development and learning.